Creating your account

All the users of the abstractsECM web based system must have a unique username and e-mail address. This includes ordinary users who wish to submit their abstracts as well as the chairs of particular Microsymposia who conduct the review process. How to sign-up is described in the next section.

Signing up

In order to be able to submit an abstract a person must first sign-up and create an account at The sign-up page lets you choose your username (it must be unique, but you will be warned if you accidentally choose an username that has already been taken). Also choose and confirm your password. Lastly you have to provide your e-mail address. It is very important that you use an existing e-mail address as it will be used for all future communication with the abstractsECM system.


After signing up you will receive an e-mail from This e-mail will contain a link that you must use to activate your account. This is done to make sure that the e-mail address you have provided is valid. From this point on the e-mail address and the username will be your unique identifier to the abstractsECM system.


After confirmation you will be taken to the login page.

Please use the username and password you have chosen during sign-up to login. If you check the “Remember me” check-box the next time you come to this page your username will be pre-filled but you will have to provide the password again.


Congratulations! You have now successfully logged-in to the abstractsECM web site. You will be presented with a dashboard page.


The dashboard is the main page of your submission process. On the top there is a main navigation menu which can be used for easy access from any page to any other part of the site.


There are two main parts of the dashboard itself: “My profile” and “My submissions”. The former is used to enter your personal data and the later to submit your abstract.

Editing your profile

The next thing you will have to do is edit your presenter profile. This is done by going to the edit profile page. Here you have to fill out your personal data such as first name, second name etc... In the affiliations you will not have anything listed yet. Do not worry about that at the moment, that is because you have not added any affiliations yet. For the moment just provide all the other fields. You will be able to add your affiliations in the next step as described later in Adding affiliations.


The data you enter here will be used later in your abstract submission. As the presenting author you will become the first author in the list of authors.

You can optionally provide your photo. After you have provided your data and submitted the form you will be taken back to the dashboard.


Now you are ready to submit your abstract. If you have your abstract prepared as a word or pdf file you can complete this process in a matter of minutes.