Abstract submission

The main page of your abstract submission can be reached by clicking the “Submit your abstract” on the top menu or in the dashboard.


This will take you to the main page for your abstract submission. The abstract submission consists of the following simple steps.

Selecting the Microsymposium

First select the Microsymposium you wish to submit your abstract to. By clicking on the Microsymposium drop-down menu the list of all available microsymposia will appear. You may select only one. If you have been invited to submit your abstract by the chairs of some microsymposium than this field will not be visible.


Input abstract text

Type in or paste the title of your abstract. The abstract text is limited to 2500 characters including spaces. The Abstract text, Abstract title and Figure caption boxes have formatting tool-bars on the top which can be used for special characters and basic formatting. The tool-bars contain only the basic formatting buttons to reduce the variation in style from abstract to abstract.


This text box will accept any Unicode character so that you will not have to make any corrections to the pasted content. However, you may have to adjust formatting (bold, italics, superscript, subscripts). If you are pasting text from some text processing program (such as Word) it is likely that you will not have to make any further adjustments to the abstract formatting. Nevertheless please check that during pasting any formatting (such as bold, italics, superscripts and subscripts are not lost. You will have to adjust them using the toolbar.

You will also need to provide some keywords to your abstract. Keywords may contain more than one word. Please separate keywords with commas.

The abstract submission system will let you provide the original file (Upload file field) of your abstract (this may be the document that you are likely copying text from). Although this is optional, you are encouraged to do so. This will allow us to check what the intended formatting was in case of any doubt.

Finally you may provide one figure to accompany your abstract (also optional, you may submit the abstract with no figures). The figure may be in jpeg, png or bmp format only! Please make sure that the file name of the figure you are uploading does not contain any spaces or special characters as this may prevent correct pdf export. Please note that the figure will be automatically reduced in size to fit the page. Nevertheless for the final preparation your original file will be used so please provide the figure of high quality. If you provide the figure please also provide the Figure caption text (maximum 300 characters).

At the end of the abstract submission process please choose if you would like to be considered for oral presentation of your abstract (option Oral or poster). The chairs of the Microsymposium will consider you for the oral presentation.

In the end please click Submit abstract. Your abstract is now submitted. You will notice that the main toolbar in the dashboard now has My abstract drop-down menu.


You can use links provided in this menu to view your abstract. You may also make an unlimited number of further adjustments (change title, formatting, figure ... ). You may update your abstract as many times as you wish. But please note that the version of your abstract present at the Abstract submission deadline will be the one that the chairs will see and review.