Editing your abstract

To complete your abstract submission you have to complete one more step (that was “skipped” during the initial profile creation). Namely, because the presenting author may have more than one affiliation and because these affiliations may or may not be equal to those of the abstract co-authors this process was made into a separate step. Although you may add affiliations and authors in any order and edit them at any time the following order is suggested.

Adding affiliations

Go to the Add affiliations page and type in your affiliation. You can use any form here but anything you type will become your affiliation in your abstract submission.

The suggested form is The name of your institution, the address of your institution, city, country such as in the example bellow.


After you have added your affiliation it will appear in the affiliations list for your abstract. If you have more than one affiliation just add as many as you need. You will notice that if you now go to the edit profile page that the newly added affiliations have appeared in the Affiliations field. Please select your affiliations (hold Ctrl key while clicking to select more than one) and when finished click on the Save button to save the changes to your presenter profile. If you now navigate “My abstract –> View abstract” you will see that your affiliation(s) have appeared under your name.


Adding (co)authors

Usually you will not be the only author of your abstract and one thing that you will most likely want to change is to add authors (or co-authors) to your abstract. As the presenting author you will be the first listed author of your abstract and this cannot be changed. Any additional authors you include here will be listed after you in the order specified by the Order field. To add authors go to the add authors page and fill the form. Notice that authors have the Order field. Here you select the positive numbers to specify the order of the listing of authors. To help you with this task, on the right is given the list of authors that you have already added.